E komo mai      i ka hale

(welcome         to the home of)


Our motto:   Four strings, four fingers -- NO PROBLEM!

Aloha!  Come join us for kanikapila (jam sessions) and music with this incredibly fun and versatile little four-stringed instrument.  All experience levels are welcome.  We can get you started from scratch.  Most of our regular participants are at the beginner or intermediate skill levels.  If you are a beginner, don't be intimidated -- drop in and give it a try -- we'll be gentle.  If you are already an experienced player, then come show us how it’s done.  

Don’t have a uke of your own already?  Come anyway, as there is often an extra uke or two on hand.  And we can always use extra singers.  We cover a wide variety of music, and have developed a basic song book called the "Nifty Fifty", a core group of 50 or so well-known songs done in uke-friendly keys.  See the music page for more details and how to download these songs.

If you don't yet play the ukulele, don't let that stop you from dropping in.  We are primarily a ukulele-oriented group, but everyone is welcome.  We always need extra singers to help out, even if you don't play an instrument at all.  But be fairly warned:  being in a room full of happy ukulele players is contagious and fun, and you just might end up trying it!

This sign was made by Steve Lyles's friend Brian Phillips, who visited us last summer.  It sits proudly on my desk in the office. 

Apologies to Brian for not posting this photo sooner.



As of our first jam/meeting in January 2019, BUG is ELEVEN!!  That's more than a decade of ukulele fun, so far.....

In late 2007 Jack Lawson and Earl Mullins met through a bulletin board about Hawaiian music (www.taropatch.net).  Since there was no active ukulele group in Boise at that time, they decided to fill the void and start one. The first BUG meeting was held on the first Wednesday of January 2008.  Jack has since retired and moved away from the area, but BUG carries on.

Meetings were first held in the conference room of Jack's office but we quickly outgrew the seating capacity (10) there. We next tried a couple of different local pizza parlors, which seemed like a good idea. It mostly worked and it was nice having access to pizza and beverages, but there were many times when we were crowded out by things like large pizza parties and sports banquets.  Finally we approached the Meadow Lake Village senior living center and in January 2010 we began meeting in a craft room on the assisted living (south) side of the complex. Before long, attendance outgrew that room too and we were graciously offered the use of auditorium space in the Main Lodge where we meet now. Starting in 2015 we began meeting in the upstairs chapel, which is acoustically nicer for our purposes than the main auditorium, and in early 2016 began splitting our jams between the Elkhorn Assisted Living module (second Mondays) and the chapel (fourth Mondays)

Here’s to more years of ukulele fun and success!