BUG INTERMEDIATE EXPERIENCE (BUGIE) on hiatus for the foreseeable future.  If someone from the group wants to spearhead this event, we are open to suggestions.  It had been a once-monthly evening intermediate levels jam hosted at a different home each time.


Eastbound on Franklin Road, take the first traffic light east of Eagle Road  (go past the RC Willey store)

turn south at the traffic light onto Touchmark Drive

follow the street around both traffic circles heading southeast

(don't turn west onto Louise at the first traffic circle heading toward the medical offices)

drive southeast toward the main lodge back by the freeway

Park in front of the lodge (but please don't park in the spots marked "resident")


We play for the residents of the Ohwyee Memory Care Center at Meadow Lake / Touchmark on the first and third Fridays of each month from 3:00 - 4:00 pm. The residents really enjoy these performances, and so do we. (Please get there a few minutes early, if you can).


​ 1st Friday, FEB 02, 2018
 3rd Friday, FEB 16, 2018


For these performances, we play from the most current Nifty Fifty song book, just like at our jams.  

If there are any questions not already answered here, contact Karen or Earl by email at boiseuke @

We never meet or perform on the fifth Fridays or fifth Mondays of any month. As a group, we need a break once in a while -- even from something as fun as the ukulele.


updated JAN 24, 2018

Monthly Schedule
First Friday FEB 02  Memory Center 3:00 pm
Third Friday FEB 16 Memory Center 3:00 pm
Second Monday FEB 12 Elkhorn Assisted Living  6:30 pm
Fourth Monday FEB 26 chapel, main lodge 6:17 pm


The jams in Meridian are just that - jam sessions for those who can already play with at least some degree of skill. But you don't have to be an expert player to take part and have fun.  Instruction is not part of the regular jams, we just make music.  All are welcome to play, sing, or listen, and there is no charge for participating in BUG events.

2nd Monday, FEB 12, 2018 --------- Elkhorn 6:30 - 8:15 pm

​4th Monday   FEB 26, 2018 --------- main lodge chapel     6:17 - 8:30 pm

The 2nd Monday jam is at the Elkhorn Assisted Living center, and the 4th Monday jam in the main lodge chapel.  Reminder emails will let you know which space and are sent out 2-3 days prior to each jam.  If you are not on our BUG email list, send a request to and we can add you.

Meetings / jams are always held on the 2nd and 4th Monday evenings.  For the second Monday jams, we will be in the Elkhorn Assisted Living center on the south side of the main lodge (just follow the loop road around to the south side of the complex. Elkhorn is well marked and parking is actually easier there). They have asked us to start a bit later to reduce conflicts with dinner.

4th Monday jams are in the second floor chapel of the main lodge building.  Go through the main lodge entry to the front desk, then take the elevator on the right to the second floor.  The chapel is on the right after you exit the elevator. Meetings begin at our regular start time of 6:17 pm.  We choose this admittedly odd time because want to actually start by 6:30 while there are still some MLV residents listening.  If we say "starting at 6:30" then many people drag in around 7-ish and that often disrupts the flow of the jam. 

You can download and print song sheets from the "Music" page.  We use a core group of roughly 50 songs called the "Nifty Fifty". Nifty Fifty gets updated once a year in early January.

We almost never meet or perform on the fifth Fridays or fifth Mondays of any month. As a group, we need a break once in a while -- even from something as fun as the ukulele.


We play from the official Nifty Fifty songbook. But at 8 pm we go "open mic" for the last half hour. Anyone can choose any song, whether or not it is in the official Nifty Fifty songbook, or was in a previous year's song book.

If your song is totally new to us, it helps to bring copies to pass.   Remember, if you bring a song that isn't in our Nifty Fifty book, then YOU LEAD IT. It is unfair to ask someone who probably doesn't know your song to lead.


All BUG events and jams are free. All we ask is that you bring your enthusiasm for the ukulele and an aloha spirit.

Meadow Lake Village Senior Living Complex

4037 E. Clocktower Lane

Meridian, ID

The facility is located southeast of St. Luke's

Meridian Medical Center on Eagle Road