Jamming Tips - Beyond BUG jams

BUGIE       (BUG Intermediate Experience)               ..........is suspended indefinitely

Meetings are irregular!

The best way to find out about the meetings is to send us an email requesting to get on the BUGIE mailing list.  They are hosted in someone’s home. If you need an address for the BUGIE meeting you can call (208) 996-9241.

All are welcome! We are about encouraging each other and pushing through to improve our playing experience.

If you play beyond Intermediate level, please join us as well. 

Our definition of intermediate is:

  • Players should have all the basic chords in their grasp as well as some facility with other keys.
  • Music sheets other than lyrics or for teaching purposes are not necessary.
  • We encourage playing without a sheet in front of you.
  • Song leading is required and should be from your repertoire (memorized).

Come play with us!

Test your ability to hold a steady rhythm here:

Some songs that you may want in your notebook...


A little something on the Circle of Fifths.